The Swedish Language Program with a difference!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Swedish.

Swedish is an amazing language, with its beautiful tones and melodies it can be mesmerising to listen to but unfortunately for most people hard to learn.

Not any longer, you are about to be introduced to the fastest growing Swedish language program available!

Why makes our program so successful?

Why are we different?

To answer that in one sentence:

We specialise in Swedish!

Most big language learning companies make books and programs available for every language under the sun just repeating the same formula for each language.

This does not work!

Swedish is a very unique language which requires an individual program to make sure you learn at the highest possible rate.

That is why we have been and continue to be so successful.

Our program has been built from scratch by specialists in both Swedish and English to ensure English speakers will get the exact skills needed to speak and understand Swedish quickly and easily.

How our system works

Most language programs teach you chunks of grammar. Verbs one day, adjectives the next and so on.

Not only is this difficult and un-motivating it also doesn’t work.

Our customers have really enjoyed and thrived using our system.

Through our audio we build up your vocabulary and speaking/understanding ability in a different way.

Through sentence building you will learn verbs, adjectives, pronouns and everything in between without knowing it.

Of course our accompanying book goes through what you are learning in deeper detail, but through the audio alone you will be build up your Swedish rapidly without the painstaking work of cumbersome grammar exercises.

It’s quite simple really, the audio will get you speaking and speaking correctly while the book gives you more detailed explanations to why , when and how to use everything.

Think about it, if you are sitting in your car listening to the audio you don’t want to be contemplating complex grammar rules but simply learning.

We advise that you use the audio during the day (anywhere) and then read our book for 5-10 minutes before bed. This really gets the language seeping in which is what we all want.

Our students have found our system refreshing and effective. We know you will also.


Is this program for me?

“Speaking – In Swedish” uses a real life approach to learning the Swedish language.

Whether you are a newbie to Swedish or a unsuccessful veteran, our program will get you speaking Swedish quickly and in a way that facilitates lifelong growth and success.

Not sure if this program is for you?

  • Are you new to the Swedish language?
  • Are you travelling to Sweden?
  • Are you planning on moving to Sweden?
  • Have you tried but struggled to learn Swedish?
  • Do you live in Sweden and are still struggling to learn the language?
  • Do you want to improve you Swedish speaking ability?
  • Do you just love the sound of the Swedish Language?

If you said yes to any of the questions above than this program is perfect for you.

How we can help you?


Unfortunately most language programs leave their students with so many questions:

  • Why does Swedish seem to have so many words to describe the same word in English?
  • Why can’t my Swedish friends/partner or teacher explain to me what certain words/phrases mean?
  • Why can I remember verb tenses?
  • Why is it that every word in Swedish seems to have so many different forms?
  • I know so many words but still struggle to speak or understand others, why is that?
  • Will I ever be able to express myself in Swedish?

The problem is the students end up feeling like this:

  • The more I study the more confusing it gets!
  • I’m frustrated! I always use the wrong type of verb.
  • Swedish just seems too hard!

Happened to you? Don’t worry!

Our program has already helped so many people get over these steps.

Once you start speaking Swedish with confidence you will be amazed how quickly you progress.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the Speaking In Swedish program:

  • Relax and learn via our professional audio.
  • You will start speaking Swedish from day 1.
  • Your ears will open up as you learn to understand the sounds of the new language.
  • Impress yourself after 1 week when you will already be speaking with confidence!
  • Gain memory skills so the words are there when you need them!
  • Enjoy the benefits of both ‘Easy English’ and grammatical explanations.
  • Join a community of Swedish learners.
  • Have you questions answered immediately with our online support!
  • Sound Swedish with our ‘Swedish Melody Helper’.
  • Have enough Swedish to speak and understand 90% of everyday conversations!


How quickly will I see results from this program?

Have you spent weeks, months or even years trying to learn Swedish and seen no improvement?

Well here is your chance to improve quickly! Most programs use the wrong method in trying to teach you Swedish. Most programs are generalised to cater for every demographic so they can sell the program to as many people from as many different countries as possible. Usually they are also written by Swedes who of course have never learn Swedish as a second language.

The truth is:

It’s WHAT YOU DO! Not how much you do it!

You can spend months learning verbs, nouns and word order without making much difference in your daily speaking skills. We have seen and helped hundreds of people who have struggled through Swedish grammar books for months and only improve their Swedish by 5%.

This program uses a different approach. The program concentrates on the main aspects of the language to get to started straight away. There is no point in learning words and phrases that you will never use. Some programs teach you about old Swedish customs or traditions. The history of the language or the history of the country.

You can learn the history of the language or country by doing a basic search on the internet! You don’t need to pay to learn that!

Our program is language focused.

All we care about is getting you the learner to learn to speak and understand Swedish with confidence!

Whether you have struggled through Swedish programs before or are just starting out learning Swedish. This program will work for you.

Our students have seen results in as little as 1 week and over the course of a month they have seen dramatic improvement!

Within 60 days you will be speaking and understanding Swedish with confidence!

We guarantee it!

Take the smart step in improving Swedish!


The ‘Speaking In Swedish’ System


Learn on the Go!

Don’t have time?

Think again with our mobile learning system!

Take advantage of today’s new technology.

Our course comes in MP3 format, which is perfect for MP3 players, Car Stereos and any type of computer.

Learn it while driving, working or even jogging!

There is no end to where you can learn Swedish.

Use our 8 hours of Mp3s 15-20 minutes a day to get the results you need.

Experience the Enjoyment of Speaking and Understanding Swedish from Day One!


Tried to learn a language before without success?

It’s quite common to study for years and only remember who to say ‘where is the bathroom’ and how to count. Why?

If you really want to learn rapidly you need to be interested, motivated and stimulated.

By coming to this site you are obviously interested, let us take care of the rest.

Our course contains ‘Milestone Motivators’ to keep you progressing and real life dialogue to ensure you are stimulated.

From day 1 to day 60 you will be impressed with your Swedish.


Cement your Swedish knowledge

Do you have a bad memory?

We will make sure the words and phrases are there when you need it!

Repeating words is one thing but we all know that learning a language is about have the words and sentences there when you need it.

Searching you memory for words or phrases you know you have learnt can really bring you down.

This can be avoided.

Not only do you get 8 hours of MP3s you get a 200 page book filled with Tips and Tricks witch contains memory techniques to make sure the words and sentences are their when you need it.

You will now be able to start or join in on a conversation with the assurance that the tools are at your disposal.

Amaze yourself with your exponential learning curve

Most language courses are far too broad and force you to learn tedious grammar rules and thousands of words of vocabulary.

We use our own scientific research to ensure that each sentence you build and word you learn will be highly useful.

How does this benefit you?

You will amaze yourself with your rapid learning curve.

Don’t waste your time and memory on words you will barely use.
Our program is scientifically proven to work!

Overcome any hurdles straight away!

What is the biggest problem people have when learning a new language?

Too many questions and no one to answer them!

This not only slows your learning but you loose motivation.

That is why we have included:

60 day ask anything free email support!

Now you can be sure that any roadblocks you meet can be conquered as soon as possible!

Take the smart step to becoming fluent.

The problem with most courses are:

  • Your average Swedish teacher costs at least $40 per hour
  • The average Audio course comes with only 1.5hrs of Audio
  • Other online courses do not actually offer a real teacher.
  • Furthermore they do not guarantee their courses

Overcome these problems with our complete system which includes…

  • 200 page Swedish Tips and Tricks Book
  • An incredible 8 hours of audio!
  • 60 day online support, ask as many questions as you want!
  • A proven course designed specially for the Swedish language.
  • Bonus book – Swedish Verbs Explained and Simplified
  • Bonus book – Swedish Survival Guide
  • 60 day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee!




No Shipping Costs, Instant Access

100% Money Back Guarantee

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